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3 Ways To Elevate Your Charisma

Charisma is what magnetically draws people to you, makes them listen and trust you. It is invaluable in business. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t consider themselves charismatic and don’t believe that they can do anything about it. Have you ever imagined yourself as the most magnetic, fascinating and engaging person in the room? Have you ever met someone charismatic and wished you could be like him or her? Have you ever wondered if charisma can be learned? Charisma may seem like a mysterious quality. Something you have to be born with. Something you either have or you don’t. Luckily, this is not the case. Individuals like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton or Steve Jobs weren’t born charismatic either. They all developed charismatic traits later in their lives. If they could learn it, so can we. Even if you don’t consider yourself charismatic just yet, don’t worry. Charisma is a skill which like any other skill can be learned and absolutely anyone can master it through practice. What Is Charisma And Why You Need It For Professional Success? Some people call it an executive presence, others a personal appeal or magnetism, but the essence of charisma can be best explained as an ability to connect with, influence and inspire others. Whether you want to win a promotion to a new role, achieve better results or earn more money at what you do, charisma provides you with a competitive advantage you need to achieve your goal. It gives you courage to speak up. It makes the difference between your ideas getting implemented or ignored. And it helps you get the very best talent to work with you. In fact, charisma is a crucial part of becoming the kind of leader [...]

Your Kids Need A Role Model: 5 Amazing Tips For Women Leaders From Women Leaders At The Top

The topic of women in leadership has resonated with me ever since I realised that the bosses, mentors and role models I admired and learned from were all males. Yes, it would seem that I was biased! But, in reality, there were not many women in senior leadership positions that I knew and could approach for help or guidance. When I shared this observation with my female peers, I learned that it wasn’t just a personal problem. It was actually a much bigger issue; my peers all agreed that they often feel the same way. It has been 12 years since I made this discovery. During this time, I’ve worked in a few different industries, both in Europe and Asia, but things haven’t changed that much or as quickly as I’d like to see them change. We Need To Talk More About Successful Women In Leadership In my current role as a leadership trainer and coach, when I ask participants of my programmes to describe a leader they admire, surprisingly, they rarely talk about a successful female leader. This wouldn’t be shocking at all if a group was mostly made up of males, but exactly the same thing happens when a group consists of only females! So, the questions are: Why cannot we, women, talk more about other successful women? Why don’t we reflect on what we can learn from them? Are we still lacking sufficient female success stories, which we are able to share with others? On A Mission To Find Accomplished Female Leaders You can imagine how excited I felt when I was invited to facilitate a one-day leadership workshop at the recent Women in Leadership Summit in Singapore. Yes, this was my [...]

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