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Karolina is a high-energy and performance-driven leadership and communication expert. She empowers and energizes leaders, executives and C-suite to thrive even in tough times by becoming more intentional, mindful and resilient. As a result, they can unleash the best in themselves and their teams and make a bigger positive impact on their organisations, communities and the world around them.

Karolina has been training and coaching leaders of top organisations including: Mastercard, Agilent Technologies, Honeywell, Roche, MSD, Fuji Xerox, Mazars, PwC, DBS Bank, Barclays, PGIM, Columbia Threadneedle, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered, AIA, Willis Towers Watson, DB Schenker, Changi Airports International, Raffles Hotel, Lum Chang Building Contractors, MOM, MOE, IMDA, ACRA and many others.

Here are some of Karolina's accomplishments:

  • In 2019 Karolina was nominated as the Knowledge Partner of Women Leaders Institute.
  • In 2018, Karolina co-authored the book titled “Breakthrough: Secrets Of Growth, Happiness And Bouncebacks From Women Around The World” that aims at helping women discover what truly matters to them and find courage to act on it.
  • Since 2016 she has been collaborating with the Women in Leadership Summit in APAC and her workshops have proven to be extremely popular with women leaders at all levels.
  • Karolina is a Speaker Training Lead for KeyNote Women Speakers, a member of Asia Professional Speakers Association APSS and Global Speakers Federation GSF.

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Clients who have engaged Karolina Gwinner as a Leadership Speaker, Virtual Facilitator, Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach include: