Uncover An Influential Leader In You

High-Impact Leadership Workshop

Imagine how would you feel if you could boost your confidence and credibility to the next level.

What opportunities would open up for you if you were able to sell your ideas and expertise more effectively?

What could you achieve if you mastered the skills of influencing others and making a positive impact?

Are you interested in moving closer to this vision? If your answer is ‘YES’, do not miss this value-packed session.

After completing this session, you will be equipped with practical tools and strategies to sharpen your leadership capabilities and deal with current and future leadership challenges. You will become more confident, focused and effective as a leader. You will be ready for fast tracking your career and becoming the influential leader others want to follow.

Key benefits – you will learn how to: 

  • Build your confidence, credibility and executive presence
  • Influence key decision makers in your organisation to get buy-in for your vision and ideas
  • Earn trust and build successful relationships with your team, customers and superiors to achieve challenging goals and drive a positive change in your organisation
  • Keep composure under pressure, uncertainty or discomfort
  • Motivate and energize others to do what it takes get the job done
  • Develop the abilities to coach, mentor and give constructive feedback to help others grow

This highly practical and interactive programme aims at transforming managers, team leaders and business owners into influential and effective leaders.

Who should attend? 

Business professionals, executives, managers, team leaders and anyone else who wants to sell their ideas more effectively, influence others and make a bigger impact as a leader.


This workshop can be customised to meet specific needs of your organisation.

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